Character Rigger’s Cookbook


I’ve been using this address to host slide copies of my 2006 GDC talk Character Rigger’s Cookbook. However my image hosting service just changed their terms of service and I haven’t figured out how to re-host the associated images.

However it turns out that there’s a truly ancient version of the talk here. It’s kind of horrendous to look at (Angelfire! Who even remembers them?) but by a lucky coincidence the audio for that original 2004 version is also available for free at the GDC Vault, at least for the time being, so you can get a lot closer to the original experience. Stuff on the free area of the vault tends to come and go, so you may want to use the download link to grab a copy while you can!

BTW the Angelfire site is going to try to get you to install Flash (yecch). You don’t need Flash to actually view the slides, so don’t bother.

I’ll be resurrecting these slides as soon as I can make the time and find a good free image host. I can also put together a zip of the slide images if you need them; please contact me via the comment section if you need them in a hurry.

PS: The concept of ‘spaces’ is a key on in the rigging business. It’s a key part of the slides as well. The ideas are discussed more thoroughly in this article