mGui 2.2 release is ready

Posted on Tue 25 July 2017 in blog • Tagged with maya, mgui

The latest next point release of mGui — the python module to streamline maya gui creation — is up on on Github, thanks in large part to +Bob White, who put in a lot of the work on this release.

Although this is a point release, it has some exciting improvements:

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mGui Maintenance

Posted on Sat 14 January 2017 in blog • Tagged with python, mGui, maya, gui

With special thanks to Bob White, Eric Spevacek, Logan Bender and Kartik Hariharan I’d like to announce the 2.1 point release of mGui.

This is mostly a stabilization release for the big 2.0 update we pushed in October.

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mGui 2.0 is live

Posted on Sun 09 October 2016 in blog • Tagged with mGui

mGui 2 is live

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mGui updates in the offing…

Posted on Sat 26 March 2016 in blog • Tagged with mGui

A sneek peek at some changes in the 2.0 version of mGui

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mGui updates

Posted on Tue 24 June 2014 in blog • Tagged with mGui, Maya

Some new features for mGui, including progress bars, menu loading from YAML files and scriptJobs

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The Main Event - event oriented programming in Maya

Posted on Tue 29 April 2014 in blog • Tagged with maya, python, mGui, programming

Event oriented programming for python in general and for Maya GUI in particular

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Mighty Morphin Module Manager Made Moreso

Posted on Tue 08 April 2014 in blog • Tagged with maya, modules, mGui

An mGui port of the Maya Module Manager

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Maya GUI II: All Your Base Classes Are Belong To Us

Posted on Fri 28 March 2014 in blog • Tagged with Maya, python, GUI, programming, mGui

Introducing mGui, a module for making Maya GUI coding more pythonic and less infuriating.

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