Mighty Morphin Module Manager Made Moreso

Posted on Tue 08 April 2014 in blog

I’ve added a port of the Maya Module Manager I posted a while back to the examples included with the mGui maya GUI library. This was an exercise to see how much the neater and more concise I could make it using the library.

Here’s some interesting stats:

The original version was 237 lines of code, not counting the header comments. The mGui version was 178 without the header, so about 25% shorter overall. There are about 80 lines of unchanged, purely behind-the-scenes code which didn’t change between versions, so the real savings is more like 45%. Plus, the original sample included some functions for formLayout wrangling so real savings might be a little higher for more old-fashioned code.

Like I said last time, the mGui package is still evolving so it’s still very much in a “use at your own risk” state right now… That said, I’d love to get comments, feedback and suggestions.