Submission Time!

Posted on Thu 21 July 2016 in blog

GDC just opened up their call for papers for the 2017 conference. It’s time to get those submissions together soon — the submissions will close on August 18th. Make sure to check out the page in detail - the sumbmissions process has gotten a bit stiffer in the last couple of years, it’s much easier to see a talk through to the end if you know how the system works. The call for papers page has the details.

As I’ve said many times before, GDC talks are a great forum for TA’s who want to strut their stuff, advance their careers, and win the respect of their peers. As the talkiest branch of the art community TA’s are GDC naturals. And, from a personal perspective, there is nothing in the world that forces you to get your shizzle together like preparing to discourse about it in front of 300 strangers. So start outlining!

PS: I’m a big fan of DeckSet as a powerpoint alternative, especially while a talk is still taking shape. Don’t get sucked into tweaking slide layouts before you know what you want to say!

PPS: Get in touch via the contact links if you’re trying to refine a topic idea. Or throw it into the comments and get some feedback from other readers.