Cookbook’s back!

Posted on Sun 25 June 2017 in blog

A couple of months ago, Dropbox stopped serving image requests and the slides from the Character Rigger’s Cookbok went offline.

While scrambling around trying to figure out how to resurrect them, I discovered an old copy of the audio from the original talk. This allowed me to put together a YouTube of the whole thing (minus some of the animated examples, alas, which have long since disappeared).

I wish I had a proper presentation video so you could see my gyrations and gesticulations as I tried to illustrate things — but, remembering how much hopping and posing I did for that talk, perhaps it’s for the best. The video + audio format here, even without accompanying animations, is way better than the bare slides were. See, every cloud has a silver lining. Phhhhttt, Dropbox!

If you want to permalink to the video you can use this YouTube link or link directly to the Cookbook page on my nav bar.