Two Minute Papers

Posted on Wed 01 February 2017 in blog

It’s been a while since in updated the graphics research page — and, given that ominous Coming 2017 in the State of Decay 2 E3 trailer it may be a while before I get to frolic in the fields of pure science once more.

However, I’ve stumbled on a great stand-in for slogging through those SIGGRAPH abstracts: a cool YouTube channel called Two Minute Papers, which aims to provide a fast, not-too-math heavy intro to a lot of interesting research in graphics and animation.

It’s a great fast way to get an insight into what’s going on in the academic realm without too much investment (and without having to slog through the inevitable SIGGRAPH calculus lesson). There are occasional non-graphics papers in there (like “What is Impostor Syndrome?”) which seem like fluff, and a bit too much “yay Neural Networks!” cheerleading — but on the whole this is a great way to find out some cool academic research you would never dig up on your own. There are supposed to be two new videos per week.

By the way, the creator of the videos has a Patreon. If you like the stuff, think aboout hitting the tip jar!