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Charcoal - it’s smokin’!

The Charcoal editor, an excellent drop-in replacement for Maya’s script editor

Return of the namedtuples

A quick review of the Python namedtuple — a great way to return complex data from your functions without needing complex custom classes.


A python spell check module

The right profile

A brief, gentle introduction to the uses and abuses of profiling in Maya Python

Maya Bug Watch: API2 and GetPoints()

A very irritating bug in Maya Python API 2

What The…?

A nice little trick for filtering components in Maya using cmds.ls()

All we are saying is give API 2.0 a chance

Maya’s api version 2.0 is finally coming of age

Big (?) Python bucks!

So wait, knowing Maya and Python is worth less than knowing just Python?! I knew it.

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