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mGui on CreativeCrash

If you’ve been considering taking mGui for a spin, but don’t want to take on the work of cloning the whole project from GitHub, we’ve uploaded a copy of mGui 2.2 to CreativeCrash as a (free) single file download. All you need to do is download the zip file from here, drop it into a folder where you Maya is looking for python scripts, and you can start writing gui’s with the neat mGui syntax, multicast delegates, and all sorts of other features. You can also check out the tutorials in the wiki for some additional help getting started.

If you’re interested in learning how things work under the hood — or if you’re interested in contributing to the project — you’ll probably still want to grab the GitHub version first. However if all you want to do is write some tools quickly, the zipped up version is an easy way to get started.

PS: We’re always looking for new contributors to the project!

GDC deadline approaching…

GDC call for submissions closes August 17th

mGui 2.2 release is ready

mGui version 2.2 is here

GCD submissions time again!

The GDC 2018 call for submissions.

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The Character Rigger’s Cookbook is back online.

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Tech-Artists Org 2.0

Tech-Artists.Org got a facelift!

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