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GDC deadline approaching…

If you’re thinking of speaking at next year’s Game Developers Conference, the submissions period ends on August 17th. We’re always looking for new speakers to expand the range of views, backgrounds and topics at the show! TAs tend to make an outsize contribution, since our projects are often easier to talk about and to share than those of other artists.

Speaking at GDC is also a great chance to meet the rest of the community, epecially at the Technical Art Bootcamp — a whole day of talks dedicated entirely to tech-art topics.

As the industry gets more complex and more diverse we’re always looking for new faces to bring new perspectives to the show. So… you’ve got a couple of weeks. Come up with a topic! If you need some advice on how to frame a talk for the show, you should check out this post. Hope to see you there!

mGui 2.2 release is ready

mGui version 2.2 is here

GCD submissions time again!

The GDC 2018 call for submissions.

Cookbook’s back!

The Character Rigger’s Cookbook is back online.

How the other half lives, revisited

An interesting way to get python into the browser

Slides slippin’

Some issues with the Character Riggers’ Cookbook

Tech-Artists Org 2.0

Tech-Artists.Org got a facelift!

Two Minute Papers

A great, condensed source for cool graphics research

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