Posted on Thu 15 November 2018 in blog • Tagged with python, maya, programming

It used to be impossible to launch any old Maya Python script directly from the desktop. But not anymore, thanks to this one simple trick!

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TA 101

Posted on Tue 07 August 2018 in blog • Tagged with techart, industry, programming

Some thoughts about building a coding culture for tech artists.

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Posted on Thu 10 May 2018 in blog • Tagged with python, maya, programming

Something that’s always driven me crazy in Maya is the fact that maya.cmds does not really support Python’s built-in help() function. But after suffering for years on that account, it finally occurred to me today that it’s fixable.

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State of Decay 2

Posted on Sun 29 April 2018 in blog • Tagged with games, industry

After a long, long, long dev cycle, State of Decay 2 is finally about done.

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mGui 2.2 release is ready

Posted on Tue 25 July 2017 in blog • Tagged with maya, mgui

The latest next point release of mGui — the python module to streamline maya gui creation — is up on on Github, thanks in large part to +Bob White, who put in a lot of the work on this release.

Although this is a point release, it has some exciting improvements:

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GDC submissions time again!

Posted on Thu 20 July 2017 in blog • Tagged with industry, gdc

It’s that time of year again: the GDC call for submissions is open. We’re looking for artists, animators from tech artists of every stripe, shape, size and industry specialty to share their expertise and insights with the community. This is a great opportunity to share knowledge and burnish up your professional credentials as well.

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Cookbook’s back!

Posted on Sun 25 June 2017 in blog • Tagged with rigging, gdc, talks, animation

The Character Rigger’s Cookbook is back online.

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How the other half lives, revisited

Posted on Thu 22 June 2017 in blog • Tagged with python, web

An interesting way to get python into the browser

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