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Comments requested

seeking input for an upcoming talk on technical art at GDC

Dot’s all, folks

Some ways to use the vector dot product in TA programming

I think this does not count as a meme gif :)

Says it all

Earth calling maya.standalone!

Remote-controlling a maya standalone instance from a web browser with the standaloneRPC module.

Morph targets revisited

Chronosculpt - a tool for Zbrush-like painting of dense polymodels

Descriptors and pythonic Maya properties

How to use descriptors for dot-style access to maya object properties instead of cmds.getAttr()

Future Watch: Graphics & Animation Research

Announcing a new permalist page of interesting graphics and animation research

First find of 2014: A Scriptable DCC app in the browser?!?!

Clara.io — a full 3d DCC app that runs in your browser!

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