Published works

This page collects links to my old Game Developer articles and other published works.

Submit!: An overview of how to write a successful GDC talk.


The Conquest of Space: a conceptual article about how riggers and animators should think about the concept of space in animation. One of my favorites.

Put One Foot In Front Of the Other: A survey of how walk and run speeds relate in animations, along with one of my favorite tricks: variable gait blends to cover different combinations of speed and stride length


The Game Artists Resume Guide A humorous or cynical (depending on how you look at it) guide to resumes for game artists.

The Players Handbook: Career management for artists, Gygax-style

Read The Damn Ad: Advice on parsing the want ads when looking for a job in game art.

Never Hire Anyone Over 30: A rumination on ageism in the games industry, which has only gotten wierder since this was written.

Tech Art

The Trust Fund: A meditation on getting your artists to trust you as a TA

Dead Trees

I’m also one of the authors of Production Pipeline Fundamentals for Film and Games and 99 Things Every Game Creator Should Know